24 Hour Nursing Staff

imageOur dedicated team of trained nurses and carers offer the highest standard of care and deliver it with great sincerity and empathy towards residents. We always maintain an open door policy to all staff, which enables employees to generate ideas for the overall improvement of everyday working practices within the home.

We are fully committed to preserving the warm, homelike atmosphere that is associated with Tamar House and creating an environment that is both friendly and welcoming for staff and residents. These congenial surroundings mean the majority of our key staff have been with us for many years, and it is with this devotion that staff can build long term relationships with residents that further enhances the pleasing atmosphere and good feel of the home.


Our catering team is carefully chosen for their experience and skills in the kitchen, allowing all our menus to have variety and appetising alternatives. All meals are freshly prepared on the premises from locally sourced ingredients. We also like to make a special occasion of all our resident's birthdays and celebrate with cakes freshly prepared and baked in-house. Other celebration days on the calendar are also acknowledged and catering staff ensure that meals are appropriately themed so all residents enjoy these happy occasions.

Five Star Kitchen

On the 26th March 2014, Tamar House was awarded 5 stars by Cornwall County Environmental Inspectors on their annual hygiene inspection. This is the highest award given and is only awarded to premises that demonstrate a high standard of compliance with health regulations and food safety management.

5 Star Hygiene Award

In addition to our regular staff, other visiting professionals are always available to give support and advice to residents whenever necessary. These include:

- Chiropodists

- Dentists

- Hairdressers

- Social Workers

- Opticians

- and Clergy of all Denominations